The Struggle for Gun Control Continues

The recent gun-related tragedies of Sandy Hook and beyond have only furthered the battle for gun control. Two common camps, one pro-gun and one against, form and the fight rages on across the world. If you found your television service through or you have access to any of the major networks, then you’ve seen the debate.

Perhaps most infuriating about this debate are the ones out there who see anything the government does to minimize danger to the youth as a blatant seizure of their rights. What is infuriating about this is the fact that no one is actually “coming to your house to take your guns.”

What the government is calling for are stricter rules and screening processes regarding the exchange of weapons. It’s all meant to prevent those who have the will to kill from having easy access to these weapons.

No one is saying that people shouldn’t have guns, but it’s about time people realized what they are truly signing up for. Guns are not toys you use to shoot cans in your backyard in front of your friends. They are not party favors you blast off into the air on Independence Day. They are not tools for intimidation. Guns are dangerous and, if you want them, you need to earn the right.

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