How Katie Holmes Planned And Executed Her Divorce

People Magazine – the current issue of the magazine chronicles how actress Katie Holmes meticulously planned and carried out her divorce from Tom Cruise. The entire operation bore the same kind of organizational skills exhibited in a Mission Impossible movie script. The magazine article reveals months of planning from obtaining new cell phones to put in place a communications blackout both presumably from Tom Cruise, Scientology members, and the Paparazzi. However, even friends close to the actress were said to be out of contact with her once “operation divorce” went into effect. Another stage of the plan included Holmes moving out of her residence with Cruise and into her own apartment without appearing to be leaving him. This helps explain it more. Holmes’ apartment has better access to an underground garage and perhaps that fact was used as a pretext for the move – avoiding the Paparazzi which have hounded the couple since their marriage several years ago. Either way, Tom Cruise is said to have not considered the move a preemptive strike at divorce. The plan went into place while Cruise would be in Iceland filming a new movie. He was truly taken off guard by the divorce. The full story is available in the current issue of People Magazine.

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