Teenage Florida Swimmer Get Arm Taken Off By Alligator

On a sweltering summer day this week Florida teen Kaleb Langdale gathered some friends for a dip in the Caloosahatchee River. It was a typical outing for the 17-year-old Kaleb and his buddies who report that in rural Moore Haven many youths frequent the river to escape the searing Florida sun.

The summertime ritual was interrupted by a sudden shout, “Gator!” Almost instantaneously Kaleb could see the dark figure approaching fast and made a break for the shore but got snagged when something caught his arm. As he turned to free himself the boy looked into the eyes of the deadly alligator and realized his arm was actually clamped in the predators deadly jaws.

Kaleb desperately kicked and punched the creature as he attempted to pry the massive jaws apart but the gator held tight. The gator and his prey thrashed violently moving into deeper and deeper water as the gator rolled repeatedly in an effort to drown the captive teen. His friends watched helpless and horrified from the riverbank. Finally Kaleb emerged and the gator disappeared.

The teen explained that a split-second decision had probably saved his life. As he fought off the alligator he heard the unmistakable sound of bones crushing and realized he would have to sacrifice his arm to survive the ordeal. At that moment with supreme strength fueled by adrenalin he pushed off the gator and broke free leaving the better part of his arm in the monster’s grip.

Kaleb was remarkably nonplussed by the incident. His first concern was getting a photo at the scene to commemorate his ordeal on Facebook.

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