Tour Group At Fault For Son Being Swept Away

Honolulu, Hawaii – the parents of New York Resident Tyler Madoff, age 15, have laid the blame for their son’s death at the feet of the tour company which organized the youth event. While the tour company Hawaii Pack and Paddle has a permit for specific areas which were part of the hike, the permit did not cover the tide pool area where the accident occurred. The tide pool area is where the kayakers took rest when they were overcome by waves. The group of twelve youth were all said to be in peril and the guides & team leaders moved into place to secure the youth. However, two of the youths got swept out to sea and only one was recovered but in currently hospitalized suffering critical injuries. Both Hawaii Pack & Paddle and Bold Earth, who each provided two tour guides & two team leaders respectively, affirm the qualifications of their employees. However, the inescapable fact that no one in the leadership had a permit to be in the tide pool area will undoubtedly lead to civil actions and perhaps worse. Deborah Ward from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources is investigating the incident and said any action is pending the results of the investigation.

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