Chicago Get’s Shooting Gun Camp For Kids

Chicago, Illinois – A controversy has stirred up from money legitimately earned from a Gun Rights group that participated in Mayor Emanuel’s gun buy-back program. The program, called “Don’t kill a dream, save a life”, accepts the premise that guns, rather than criminals, are the real danger. Anyone turning in a weapon is paid 100 for a hand gun or 10 for BB Guns or air guns. No one is asked any questions by police regarding their donations. The Pro-Gun group donated dozens of non-functioning guns and BB guns which they gleefully referred to on their website as “rusty scrap metal”. In all, the group raised 6,240 from their donations and used the money to fund an NRA gun camp for Kids. Therein lies the controversy that money being spent by the Chicago Police Department on Mayor Emanuel’s anti-gun program is indirectly being used to fun pro-gun activities for children. It should be noted that the NRA gun camp is legal and teaches responsible use of guns. Also, once gun donations are made it is every citizen’s right to decide what to do the funds they receive. Just chalk the incident up to one of the many ironies of politics.

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