OBama’s Outsourcing Record Being Attacked By GOP

Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee, and the Republican National Committee have turned back President Obama’s outsourcing attacks on him. As of late, President Obama has been trying to define Mitt Romney as the “outsourcing pioneer” for his work at Bain Capital where Romney enjoyed an 80 success rate at turning companies around. Some of Romney’s efforts led to jobs being shipped overseas. In an effort to thwart any adverse definition of the GOP nominee, a coordinated effort has been launched to underscore how much of the 2009 Economic Stimulus went towards creating overseas jobs. From stimulus funds given to General Electric to green energy companies, it is certain that funds from the massive 831 billion unfunded Stimulus created jobs outside the USA. The Stimulus was funded purely by adding to the national debt. This is in stark contrast to the 300 billion stimulus launched by China who paid for their stimulus with surplus reserves. The website, factcheck.org, has confirmed some of the points from the GOP regarding work going overseas but states that some of the GOP claims are exaggerated or unfounded. In all fairness, factcheck.org has also stated that some of the President’s claims on Romney are either untrue or “thinly supported”.

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